What are frequent types of piracy?

Infringement of intellectual property rights investigated by AIB can take many different forms, such as:

  • Illegal reproduction from seeds or tubers.
  • Illegal vegetative propagation from cuttings and other plant material.
  • Incorrect use of a registered variety name of a protected variety.
  • Packaging, trade and distribution of illegally propagated seeds and plant material.
  • The use of seeds and plant material produced by a grower, so-called Farm Saved Seed without the obligatory payment of agreed royalties by the end user to the holder of the plant breeder's right.
  • Illegal sales or other commercial destination of Farm Saved Seed.
  • Parallel import of protected varieties.
  • Infringement of trademarks via the use of protected product names and logos and the illegal reproduction of packaging material.
  • Illegal use of variety pictures on seed packages

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