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What is infringement
or piracy?

Infringement, or piracy, is the (re)production and selling of seeds/plants of protected varieties or the use of protected product names and logos or packaging material and variety pictures without the explicit authorization of the rights holder.

Welcome to AIB,
the Anti-Infringement Bureau for Intellectual Property Rights on Plant Material

Working for a sustainable horticulture
AIB is an international association representing the major companies in the vegetable seed industry. Our member companies are committed to supporting sustainable horticulture through innovation in vegetable breeding and seed production.

The mission of AIB is to prevent and fight infringements of the Intellectual Property Rights of our members. We are connected to a network of regional and national seed associations and IP enforcement authorities in many countries.


Joint Press Statement
AIB (Anti-Infringement Bureau for Intellectual Property Rights on Plant Material), Nunhems Netherlands B.V. (Nunhems), Bejo Zaden B.V.(Bejo) and Novisem B.V.(Novisem) are pleased to announce that they have amicably ended their legal procedure in the Dutch courts. This procedure concerned a suspected infringement by Novisem located in Baarlo on Plant Breeders Rights of Nunhems, located in Haelen and Bejo located in Warmenhuizen. All parties involved in the dispute acknowledged that the existence and observance of Plant Breeders Rights are essential to an effective system of plant variety protection that encourages development of new varieties of plants and seeds, for the benefit of society and return of investment for the breeder. Further terms of the settlement are confidential and are not disclosed by the parties.
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AIB awarded for fight against IP Piracy in plant material
The Anti-Infringement Bureau for IP Rights on Plant Material (AIB) has been presented with the 2016 award for Outstanding Public and Private Partnership in the Fight against Intellectual Property Piracy.
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Fundamental decision on PBR (Plant Breeders Rights) by the Supreme Court of the Netherlands
The Hague - On Friday, November 13th, 2015, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands awarded to AIB (Anti Infringement Bureau) its cassation request concerning the infringement of Plant Breeders' Rights by the company Novisem.
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Rijk Zwaan wins landmark case against illegal reproduction
Dutch seed company Rijk Zwaan has won a long-running infringement case against Italian company Agriseeds. Having concluded for illegal reproduction of lettuce variety Ballerina RZ, the court of Milan has ordered Agriseeds to pay Rijk Zwaan EUR205,701 plus re-evaluation, interests and legal costs.
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Plant Breeders’ Rights revenue ensures future innovation
Every vegetable breeding company needs a return on the successful varieties it launches on the market to pay for research, breeding and development costs, and compensate for the risks taken developing varieties for future markets. Only this revenue makes further investment in breeding possible. Only with universal support for Plant Breeder’s Rights, embedded in the law of each country, can the considerable risky breeding investments be justified, and maintained at current high levels, to spur innovations which benefit growers’ and consumers’ choice with yet more new varieties.

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